HyperReality is a Technology Design company exploring the cross pollination of Vision, Video-Game Interactivity and AI enabled Narratives and Formats. Imagine a new form of of viewing that, with a simple gesture, becomes fully interactive, just following your personal interpretation or your mood. Watch your favorite content from any angle you wish, immerse yourself in the sport game, see it from the field, get close to the action, and share it like never possible before. Our vision is to create a digital platform that, unlike the traditional Netflix, Amazon and the likes, provides the audience with a completely new form of television, regardless of the device of choice. An online video channel where you can be the director of the show, a space exclusively dedicated to immersive and interactive content, social and shareable right within the digital world.




Imagine an online channel where you can be the director of the show. Content and Formats designed to always enable an interactive and immersive experience and connect and share with other viewers on the social networks. Be part of the scene! Visit an ancient place, walk on its streets full of history and culture. Every space, every door can be a just thin time barrier beyond which awaits the experience of the time past and the people who lived it.

Innovation design

Digital Worlds
New Standards and new technological tools for augmented reality and artificial intelligence. New capture technologies for immersive viewing of live events and notable locations. The concept is developed with a new paradigm of access and enjoyment Emotional interaction with content and sharing. Developing Formats and Immersive and engaging content.

Entertainment technology

Immersive Interaction
Art and places of history and culture in Italy and around the world. Experience Sport like never before. Participation and Personalization of the experience. Live performances and events: (Opera, Concerts, Theatre, Ballet, Fashion Shows, Vernissage) The core development of an interactive and immersive streaming platform (format-technology).


  • Promenade Lumiere
  • Promenade Opera
Lumiere is a format created to enhance the extraordinary narrative potential of our Artistic and Cultural Heritage locations through the narration of an Author who offers his experience, his point of view, his path of interpretation of a specific place. Not a guided tour, therefore, but a real experience in the Virtual Presence of a prestigious Author, a path of knowledge and interpersonal relationship, training and entertainment. An emotional adventure, relived through reconstructions and digital highlights mixed variously with the real vision.
Opera is a format that enables the user to interactively experience live Opera shows (as well as a pop Concert or a Theater piece) with an interaction that closely mimics the experience of actually being there. It is based on customized digital technologies and techniques that offer an immersive presence in a theater environments, orchestra, stage, and even foyer. It is available on any fixed or mobile device (phone, tablet, smart TV, pc allowing the audience to choose, in real time, their favorite point of view and listening position. The design of such experience has been based on the principle of making a simpler, more intuitive, more natural actions flow, in order to focus the attention on curiosity, information and entertainment.
  • Infinite Camera
  • Video Interactive
Infinite Camera is a hybrid application, in-between Video-Games and traditional Television. A unique form of Immersive Fruition that gives users the freedom of Video Game interaction in Live and On-Demand events. For the first time it brings 3D navigation of Sport actions to every fan connected to the Internet allowing to watch from any point around the venue and replay the key actions. Bringing the camera anywhere in the stadium, get close to where the action is happening, even on the field... alongside the players!
Verba Interactive Video Extension (VIVE) is a new way to interact with videos, as if they were hypertexts. Each "photogram" is taken as a single image, and everything you see in the scene is segmented. In this way you can activate each of the areas defined and if the viewer touches one, a new event will occur: for example, a new video about that element, or a voice illustrating it, or a photographs slide show. An absolute premiere, original and unpublished.



In the technology era, Cultural Heritage should also materialize into a new platform of immersive and interactive fruition, giving access to this vast artistic patrimony to national and international audiences. Not a guided tour and not a documentary, in internet form, but a completely new way of integrating Knowledge, Narrative and Interaction accompanied by an AI Replica of a chosen Artist, Critic or Scholar, with whom explore a unique point of view and a new experience together. An emotional adventure, prelude and complement of a possible trip, lived through exceptional eyes and participation formats.


A new vision of Sport for the digital age. From smart TV, to tablets, to mobile phone screens, to Augmented Reality and the complete immersiveness of Virtual Reality, they are all tools of a new personalized and shareable experience. Both at home and at the stadium: watch the game from the most advantageous point of view, replay and slow-motion, check the analysis of the game and the performances of your favorite players. Get on the field! Watch it LIVE! Experience the Game up close!


A new interactive tool to immerse yourself in live shows and events. From classical and modern music to pop, theatre and outdoor concerts. Live an unparalleled experience being on stage, side by side with our favorite artists. Choose the point of view from which to enjoy the concert or the show, move at will, following the scene and the evolution of the performance. Share your mashup with your friends!


Digital Humans are AI-powered lifelike beings that can recreate the best parts of human interaction—conversation, communication and emotional connection. They can see, hear and understand and unlike real people, they are always accessible, always mindful of the person before them, and they can use deep troves of data to provide in-depth, real-time answers. Only 7% of great communication is made up of the words we say, the rest is how we say it using tone of voice and body language. Digital humans can see and listen to users to understand the meaning behind the words. They can then use their own tone of voice and body language to create lifelike conversations. Digital Humans can read the emotional response of the user and react appropriately to misunderstanding or confusion just as well as towards sadness or happiness. All this is done for a better, more engaging experience, whether applied to Entertainment or Commerce or Institutional Communication, so to build a better emotional connection between the brand and the user in a digital world.