LOCALIZED Audiostories

The view of a city or archaeological site are rarely assisted with an intelligent commentary. The horrible audio guides present texts without any importance and offer, if it goes well, some "information". Verba© invented real involving audio movies, that reach the visitor in the place where he/she is and immerse him/her in an univers of culture, history, art. With everything the pathos necessary to involve him emotionally. 3D audio is foreseen.



Born as an extension of VERBA, interactive video V.I.V.E. is designed to become the next evlution of entertainment. On the video you can trace sensitive areas that are activated at the user's touch (or mouse click). In the video below they are highlighted in color. Normally they are invisible The activation can involve a very wide range of actions, such as starting a new video, audio, opening a website, etc. Infinite possibilities to make the public proactive.

Digital Humans

as Story Tellers

The latest technological frontier are digital humans, digital organisms indistinguishable from human beings. From the graphic point of view. One would say that "they lack the word". But technological frontiers are made to be overcome. Artificial Intelligence applied to the understanding and re-articulation of human language - combined with digital humas - recreates a perfect story telle in the hands of new generation authors.

The Culture


It is so important to be able to give an advanced technological and at the same time humanitarian dismension to the offer of the country that has the greatest cultural heritage. of the West, which we feel like proposing a platform able to integrate the possible contents and narratives that involve tourists, enthusiasts and scholars in the field of italian cultural heritage. Naturally the unitary platform will have to be under the direct control of the corresponding Ministry.