HyperReality is an Innovation Design Company geared towards the exploration of the next frontier of Advanced User Experience in Interactive Entertainment in the converging panorama of traditional video-gaming, social networking and Artificial Intelligence.

Filippo Costanzo

Principal Scientist

A computational architect with more than 20 years of innovation leadership in 3D technologies and visual effects in movies, games and television at notable companies including Activision and Digital Domain. Filippo Costanzo has pioneered projects for volumetric performance capture and interactive streaming of immersive content.

Cristiano Costanzo

Projects Director

Cristiano Costanzo is a CEO, executive Manager and Senior Advisor in Digital Innovation, Infrastructure and Energy sector. He has led the digital transition of Regione Lazio in the early 2000’s as the Director of all E-Government Projetcs

Fabrizio Funtò

Creative Staff

Fabrizio is a recognized pioneer in the field of virtual reality. After directing Infobyte for several years, he has collaborated with various companies in the technology field. For the European Space Agency’s ISIDE Project, he created the first ever satellite virtual set (“global stage”). He most recently cooperated with Activision Blizzard on technology R&D.