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The multicamera view allows each viewer to direct from his or her own home. On the lower part of the screen appear either the numbers assigned to the rooms or the returns of each shooting point. If you select your favorite camera with the remote control, during the action, the viewer will be in able to choose its own camera, without interrupting the audio continuity (thanks to our innovative patent)

Infinite Camera

Phase 01

In a first phase of "virtualization" of the sports event, it is possible to provide millions, even billions of viewers with a three-dimensional radial view. Let's imagine superimposing a glass sphere on the event: well, the spectator at home can slide his point of view, freely, on the surface of the sphere watching the spectacle from the position the 3D that suits you best. You can zoom in on the scene, and return to the surface of the sphere.

Infinite Camera

Phase 02

In the second version of InfinitCamera, the spectator can instead freely attend the sporting event by deciding with the most absolute freedom of movement, as if was inside a 3D video game; the observation position, moving drapidly from one point to another of the environment on fixed tele-transport positions, and then unhook himself and "take the field" together with his beloved athletes

Infinite Camera

Phase 03

In its latest and most advanced development version of which we have already tested and proven its feasibility, the viewer will find himself in front of a surprising spectacle, entirely virtualized but with components that fall entirely under its interactive control. The reality of the sporting event will be faithfully reproduced by the avatars, each one He can then take the control and continue the reality imergendosi in the video game and to replay as many times as he wants the game, guiding the athletes as he likes.